We have been asked the following questions for hundreds of times, wish you are satisfied with our answer?

Q: My website locates in USA, will that be an issue to make marketing in China?

A: It should not be a problem, unless the content on your website violates China's advertising law or China's internet content regulations, i.e. gambling, politics, adult information, uncertified drugs or nutrition products, ... We can make a speed test for visiting your website from different locations in China. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Can I use Google Analytics on Baidu or other Chinese media?

A: Yes, but sometime GA has lost some traffics. In general, we make a conversion tracking test before we officially launch the campaign.

Q: I hire a Chinese student registered a WeChat account for my company, can I use it?

A: We have seen many global organizations have a personal WeChat account. The personal account can be registered by anyone, so it is not trustworthy. And, we you cannot build mini-site or send out newsletter through the personal account. Basically, you cannot do any business on personal account. Please contact us to understand more about the Business Subscription WeChat Account registration process.

Q: Can I pay Baidu budget through my credit card, similar as I pay Google AdWords?

A: No, Baidu does not accept direct payment from global client. You have to buy Baidu media through certified global agencies. Please contact us to know more about the Baidu advertising and deposit process.

Q: Can I have the advertiser account log in ID and Password to see what's going on?

A: Yes, we keep 100% transparency of the campaign data with our clients. We can share the advertiser account id and password with our clients without any issue.

Q: Is the CPC cheaper on Baidu or other Chinese media comparing with Google or Facebook?

A: Yes, it is still cheaper to acquire traffic from China's internet media than global media, but the CPC has been growing consistently in the past 5 years, and close to the market price of Google or Facebook. On some popular media or during the peak seasons, advertising in China may be more expensive than in USA.

Q: I have lots of traffic from China, can you help me to monetize those traffic?

A: Sorry, it is not in our business scope.

Q: I have already a WeChat public account and a Chinese page, am I China ready?

A: Yes or no, we need to understand more detail about the traffic, engagement rate and brand impact of your business in China to answer that question. Please contact with us for a free market research.